About me

I'm so glad your here!

My name is Megan and I am a 23 year old entrepreneur, farmer, and business owner. Last year in March of 2023 I first launched Holmans Creek Farm for a purpose. Firstly, to address the fact that everyone deserves a connection with the source of their beef, ensuring transparency and trust in the process.

Secondly, my mission is driven by the commitment to educate consumers about the superior health benefits inherent in our beef. By shedding light on the potential health risks associated with commodity beef, we strive to help individuals to make informed and healthier choices for themselves and their families.

Often times people sacrifice their health by choosing a commodity beef option because they do not know that eating a healthier and better tasting choice in beef is possible.

For that reason not only do I provide the best humanely raised, regenerative beef on the planet, but I believe our way of life will inspire you to abandon the grocery store, take control of you and your families health and help you get more informed and familiar with the source of your food.