How do we raise our cattle?

At Holmans Creek Farm our cows and calves are out on 92 acres of pasture for the majority of their life. Then the bull calves are finished out at my grandfathers farm where they are fed a specialized diet that was created by our farm nutritionist!

What do we feed our cattle? 

The recipe that we make for our cattle is locally harvested corn silage, hay from our own hay fields, Brewers grain, corn powder, and we also add a bag of trace minerals to each batch! They get fresh mixed feed everyday, twice a day! And they LOVE IT!


Do we use antibiotics?

At Holmans Creek Farm, we prioritize the well-being and health of our animals. In the event that one of our cows falls ill, we take prompt action by isolating the affected animal from the herd and providing the necessary treatment. If it is determined that antibiotic treatment is the most effective way to aid in their recovery, we will administer antibiotics to ensure their well-being.

Do you use growth hormones or steroids?

We do NOT use growth hormones or steroids in our cattle ever!

Where are you located? 

We are located in Timberville, Virginia, in Rockingham County