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Holmans Creek Farm

Revive & Thrive Ground Beef Box 10LBS

Revive & Thrive Ground Beef Box 10LBS

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Introducing our premium ground beef, which stands out for its exceptional flavor and exquisite marbling. Sourced from cattle that have been meticulously raised on a diet of nutrient-rich feed, our ground beef promises a gourmet experience. Our ground beef is an 80/20 blend.

Crafted with care and attention to quality, each bite of our ground beef is a testament to the superior taste that comes from well-nourished and contented cattle. The result is a perfect balance of rich, succulent flavors and marbling that enhances the flavor.

Packaged with convenience in mind, our premium ground beef is available in a 10-pound box,  portioned into one-pound packages. This ensures that you not only savor the finest quality beef but also enjoy the ease of handling and storage. Elevate your culinary creations with our premium ground beef, where exceptional taste meets convenience.

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  • 100% USA beef born, raised and finished on my farm in Virginia
  •  Grain finished for amazing depth of flavor 
  • Sustainably raised on pasture
  • Dry Aged and USDA inspected 
  • Processed at small family owned local processing facilities
  • No growth hormones or steroids
  • All beef is shipped directly from my farm to your doorstep!